Testimonials Page

Feedback about our Stop Smoking Program

Testimonials Page

Feedback about our Stop Smoking Program

“This program has changed my life”

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your EFT Quit Smoking program. It is so comprehensive and affordable. It has truly changed my life.

I am 40 years old, and I was a smoker for 26 years. Perhaps unlike most smokers, I never really had a desire to quit smoking. I quit temporarily when I was pregnant 17 years ago, but it didn't last. I always expected to be a smoker for life.

What changed for me is that about 8 weeks ago, I began having dreams that I should quit smoking (I occasionally have psychic dreams). I ignored the first three dreams hoping that they would stop, but they continued. Finally, I decided that if God/Spirit was recommending that I quit for the first time in 26 years, perhaps there was a good reason for it. I had no confidence in my ability to quit, and I was ENORMOUSLY reluctant to do so.

I decided that if Spirit thought I should quit, I was also putting Spirit in charge of determining what process I should use to quit. Personally, I was hoping that a long, slow process over many months w/slow tapering off and nicotine replacement would be the advice that I got. Uh, no. That didn't happen.

Before I went to sleep, I would ask Spirit the best method for me to use when quitting and after a couple of days of doing this, I finally had a dream that I remembered. Well, I didn't remember the entire dream. What I remembered was "Quit Smoking Joe". So, I did a search on amazon.com using those terms, and your program was the first one on the list. This led me to your web site, and I knew that this was the method I was being advised to use. I had been hearing more and more about EFT in the previous couple of months so I was slightly familiar with it.

I was dismayed to see that you did not recommend nicotine replacement, although I gave big thumbs up when I saw that you didn't think people should rush to set a quit date. In my case, I thought the new year was a good time to quit, but Spirit suggested that I do it within the next few days.

Perhaps you can imagine my upset. I was being advised to quit in just a few short days (when I didn't particularly even want to) using a method that I didn't entirely trust.

All of that said, I want you to know that I successfully quit 10 days ago, and although I wouldn't call the experience pleasant, I can say that it was much easier than I expected. It is honestly very difficult for me to believe that I joined the ranks of nonsmokers so easily.

The scripts that were covered were excellent, and at least in my case, I only found that there was one script that I needed to create myself (have not done so yet, but will be writing it out at some point). I like the "reward cigarette". Following a robust cleaning of my house or after a workout 🙂

At any rate, I feel like your program has completely changed my life in the following ways:

1) I don't think I ever really believed that I could quit smoking. Now that I have successfully done so, I have been wondering what other limiting beliefs I have about myself that are wrong.

2) This was a great introduction to EFT. Because I had the urge to smoke a lot in the first few days of quitting, I got familiar and up-to-speed w/EFT very quickly. Since it worked in a situation I didn't really expect it to work in, I now have more confidence in its efficacy in other arenas in my life.

3) The process you provide for writing your own EFT scripts is invaluable. Although I haven't written one yet, I do plan to start writing them soon.

All of that said, I just wanted to say thank you sooo much. I would recommend your program to anyone, and I can't say enough good things about it. I'm glad Spirit introduced me to it. Ha, and by the way, I am now having dreams that I need to quit sugar, meat, caffeine, and every other thing I enjoy in life. Perhaps I will do EFT on those items next 🙂

Best wishes,

I am now using a lot of the material to help me in other areas of my life, your pen and paper method has really changed the way I look at scripting..


J .... / USA (Name Witheld Upon Request)


“Your script helped my brother inlaw”

I have used EFT over the last 12 months with huge success...

My brother-in-law came over for a visit and he was complaining of a headache which had started that morning and he was finding it hard to even think and do anything for that matter.

I had previously introduced him to EFT and he asked me if I could help him with his headache.

Right then I remembered the headache script that came with the Quit Smoking Program. I set the audio up on my Pc and simply told him to tap to it and I left the room and let him do his thing.

To my surprise he came upstairs about 8 minutes later. Thinking he didn't tap to the script I asked him how his headache was, and he said it was gone.

He said it was strange because as he started to tap to the script the pain started to intensify slightly (he got a bit worried) but then almost dramatically disappeared in an instant towards the end of the script.

He said that it was the most amazing thing he had experienced, after suffering all day with what he thought would end up in a full blown migraine (he suffers from them), he now had almost total relief. He said there was only a slight thing left, I told him to go and tap to the script a 2nd time and it might get rid of all of it, he responded with Why Bother, he said he had just got rid of 99% of the pain which had consumed him all day and what's left is so unimportant its not even bothering me"

Greg B...


“No Smokes for 30 Days”

I wanted to write you a quick note in support of your wonderful program. I have been using EFT for a while now to release issues I have in other areas of my life, but when it came to smoking I knew I would need help. With the shear quantity of the scripts in your program it took some tapping to get through the whole program, but now I have not had a smoke for the last 30 Days, and I don't feel like I want one.

I am now using a lot of the material to help me in other areas of my life, your pen and paper method has really changed the way I look at scripting..


Peter W..


“No Smokes Sense Wednesday”

I am still smoke Free, I haven't had any smokes sense last Wednesday, even when people talk about smoking I have no desire for it.



“Strangely sick of rolling my cigarettes”

I really have to congratulate you on the cravings scripts. I just tapped through all the scripts and yawned like made... reducing as I went through them. I think they will be great to tap on before I stop and after, as a lot of the fear about stopping for me is that I wont be able to cope with the cravings.. you have covered cravings every which was possible. I cant decide yet my favorite.

What I'm noticing so far with this program is that I'm getting sick of rolling my daily amount of cigarettes, would rather do something more interesting...



“This is a very profound program”

You are giving me a huge gift and I am so grateful. I have so many wonderful scripts to work with that are still making me so tired, But I love it because I know it is working on a deep level. I can tell this is a very profound program and I've done lots of deep spiritual work so I feel I have a good perspective on it.

I had a profound experience yesterday. I slept a lot and I released a lot of emotion. I spent two and a half hours crying from my heart. I think its safe to say I am sitting with my emotions more.



“I Love the Scripts”

I LOVE the scripts I've used, trying to get through them all one time, then go to the one's I feel are needed. The scripts are helping me to see it is possible I can do it.



“No Cigarettes in 8 Days & No Cravings”

Today Day 8, last night was my 1st night shift.... By 3am when colleague went on her break, I had a thought that I could smoke now.... mad.. but easy to dismiss, not a craving